Crane pads

Why should you use outrigger pads?

LODAX outrigger pads will raise the dispersion of the load beneath the stabilizers of your machines/vehicles. They allow you to protect the soil and work safe on soils that are very fragile to heavy loads. (Please always check the density of the soil)

LODAX crane pads should always be used, in order of safety, when working with cranes, scissor lifts, concrete pumps,...

Toppled crane

What are the risks of not using crane pads?

When you're working, without outrigger pads, on soils that are very vulnerable to heavy loads, your machines have a chance to flip over and provoke a lot of damage to materials and eventually co-workers.

When you wish to limit risks, use LODAX outrigger pads!

It is always recommended to analyse the soil whether you need to disperse the load or not. 

Do you have any questions concerning the use of outrigger pads?

Don't worry, IPAF has made a movie and manual about the safe use of pads.

For all remaining questions please contact us, our team is always ready to help you out!