Ground protection mats

Why should you use ground protection mats?

LODAX turf protection mats helps you to create acess routes, parking lots and workplatforms to protect the soil. LODAX ground protection mats:

  • Grants acces to vulnerable ground
  • Protects your lawn, interior,...
  • Displaces vehicle weight
  • Adds stability
  • Creates temporary roadways
Damaged soil

What are the risks of not using turf protection mats?

When you don't use our LODAX ground protection mats there is a chance to inflict severe damage the soil or get stuck in the soil,...

Isn't it better to just use LODAX turf protection mats and prevent the damage instead of investing money and time into repairing the soil?

Do you still have questions?

Don't worry, we have made a movie about the safe use of LODAX ground protection mats.

For all remaining questions please contact us, our team is always ready to help you out!