• LODAX Outrigger pads

    - Ecological (Plastic recycling technology)
    - Light weight
    - Easy to handle
    - Extremely durable
    - High flexibility
    - Water-repellent
    - Nearly unbreakable
    - No rusting
    - No rotting
    - Disperses the load

Pads & their options

Square Outrigger Pads

The standard square outrigger pad starts from size 300x300x30mm up to 2000x2000x150mm

Round outrigger pads

The standard round outrigger pad starts from size Ø800x60 up to Ø1200x80mm

Stackable outrigger pads

The standard stack pad starts from size 500x250x50mm up to 1200x330x80mm

Outrigger pads in a shoe shape

The standard shoes starts from size Ø400x80mm up to Ø600x80mm

Anti-slip finishing
LODAX Pads stacked