Outrigger pad

Guaranteed quality

To ensure the continuous quality of our outrigger pads, we have bimonthly quality analysis of the material using FTIR analysis. This test can be compared to a DNA analysis - experts check the test data with the original test data to see if the LODAX quality is matched.


Tested for your safety

In order to assure the safety of our LODAX outrigger pads, we decided to have our crane pads tested by an independant laboratory (PlasticVision). These tests consists of compression tests starting from 2.000N to 18.000N with a drill head (20mm diameter) pressuring the pads.

These tests show us that our outrigger pads can resist a burden of 10.000N without deformation of the material (the burden is visible but there isn't any damage). This means that our crane pads can resist a pressure of 20N/mm² without being damaged. They also have a 'Poisson-ratio' of 0,5. This grade assures a good distribution of the weight.

Crane and co-worker

Safe work environment

We deliver you tested and high quality pads. When you work according to the codes of good practice you assure a safe work environment.