Who is LODAX?

Since 1996, LODAX is specialized in manufacturing high quality outrigger pads and ground protection mats. We also offer a wide array of pads and accessories to secure safety on scaffolds.

At LODAX, we have a passion to manufacture and deliver the best quality crane pads and turf protection mats possible, adapted to different markets. Next to our standard products we also manufacture custom fit products according to the wishes of the client.

LODAX is a department of the CGK-Group.

Group photo LODAX

Not just a manufacturer...

Next to delivering high quality material, we are also known for our great expertise and service. Our co-workers are always available and prepared to answer your questions. Having questions about the use of our products? The load capacity of a pad?

Don't worry, contact us and we will help you asap.

Green Tree

Thinking green!

To respect the nature we make sure our waste management is optimal. The plastic fibre we incorporate in our products is extremely durable and can be recycled up to several times untill it declines in quality.

The primary objective of LODAX is to support machines/vehicles but also to protect the soil and nature below.

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